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Imagine This...

You are traveling on the magical river of LIFE… Where is your map?

Your astrological chart is the personalized map of your unique Life journey.


Is this not the eternal human question?
Looking for your life purpose?
Is your True Path eluding you?
Curious about your relationships?
Having health issues?

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“Estere is an angel on this earth! Her readings and guidance have helped me immensely in growing personally and professionally. I am beyond blessed that we crossed paths and thank my stars for her every day!”

 – Tarryn Cothill
Little Souls:  Child Wellness

Your birth chart contains all the navigational guidance you need to move yourself through this river of life with ease and grace. Your chart is completely UNIQUE to you, precious and rich as the divinely inspired individual you have incarnated to be.

Your soul has a destiny and a past story to integrate or perhaps release as you move towards your evolutionary potential. Your karmic soul journey tells of your soul’s desire to actualize itself. Past programming and trauma wounds, combined with your personality, can make it either easier or more challenging to move towards your destiny.

In the sessions Estere identifies your KARMIC SOUL JOURNEY and where you can get tripped up along the way to your own destined unfolding.
Think of your Astrology chart as a blueprint of your cosmic assignment.
Estere interprets your Soul’s assignment for you, offering intuitive guidance combined with the wisdom the stars. The more you are in the KNOW about YOU, the more you can be in the NOW.

And we know that it is only in the NOW that true growth and transformation can occur.


Your astrological birth chart holds the key to your Soul’s potential. Estere uses the chart as a tool to quickly identify your Karmic Soul Journey – which can serve to move you along on your own evolutionary journey.

Books & Meditations

From Illuminations on the New Energies of LOVE to Priestess Entrepreneur to Daily Meditations, Estere has the resources to help you hear what your heart has to say.

Reclaim your intuition

In John Wing Flower’s 6-part Audio class, Reclaim Your Intuition, you will learn EASY, SIMPLE to USE tools to help you stay cool, calm, collected and PEACEFUL no matter how wild the ride becomes. 

No doubt you have noticed that everything is in flux and things as you thought they have always been are no more. Powerful new energies are coming to our planet, new energies of LOVE as have never been here before. Learn how to work with these energies and how to best integrate them in to your personal reality in Illuminations on the New Energies of LOVE, channeled by John Wing Flower from the energy group Cadence Deerheart, compiled by me! Gorgeous pictures and eloquent writings to lift your spirit and align you with LOVE.

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Celebrate Venus and the beauty of flowers with me as I show you how to arrange flowers for your home. Spark love, joy, and connection to the Nature spirits with blossoms and greenery.

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