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Why Have an Astrology Reading?

What's It Going To Do For You?

Your Karmic Soul Journey:
Why You Are Here

My purpose in teaching you about your chart is for you to fall totally and completely in love with yourself, to have compassion for your challenges and to rejoice in your unique gifts and abilities. It’s not always easy to have full and complete love for ourselves as many of us have been programmed to do just the opposite! My intentions is to revealing the hidden gems in your birth template so you can really start grooving on your amazingness and help you to move towards actualizing your hopes and dreams.

"My sessions with Estere have been healing and transformational. I have experienced powerful shifts in some very old, old patterns which have been incredibly liberating. The combination of astrological-influenced coaching and Estere's decades of wisdom and experience provide a sure fire way to spark growth and expansion. Do yourself a favor and commit to a package with this incredible woman."
- Katie Brauer
Yoga Educator, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

You are LOVE always, and you will always return back to LOVE

Your astrological birth chart, often called your natal chart, holds the key to your Soul’s potential. I use your birth chart as a tool to quickly identify your Karmic Soul Journey. The Karmic Soul Journey is your evolutionary opportunity this lifetime, what you have come to learn as you move along on your own life journey, the one you chose for yourself as you incarnated into your human form this time around.

We all have experienced trauma in our lives – a loss, deep sadness, feelings of isolation and sometimes despair. Identifying traumatic experiences the Soul has contracted for in this incarnation and in lives already lived, helps us to understand more about what you have come to work on and learn about yourself. These traumatic experiences create energetic blocks in your emotional and energetic fields. By identifying and overcoming karmic blocks you can move into a place of freedom of choice. You may think you have freedom of choice but if there is an unconscious thought form, created by trauma, running in the background, that groove in your brain will dominate any other conscious patterns of choice. No doubt you are familiar with this experience as you may try to change your life for the better and feel unable to do so. This inability to create positive change can then become a feeling of failure, a feeling you hold in judgment. When you judge and criticize yourself you create even more resistance to release and growth.

My astrological readings are designed to help you quickly and efficiently identify your soul trauma patterns while supporting the vision and understanding of your full soul potential. When you get how you got stuck in whatever you are stuck in, your mind starts to open to the understanding that what was created can also be created afresh. You, as a soul, attracted trauma for the purposes of your own experience and growth. You also have the power to release the trauma and move on to something entirely more interesting in your soul growth.

The release of trauma patterns followed by a sense of freedom liberates you to live your highest potential.
You are needed, right here, right now, in your fullest potential.
My commitment to you is to support you in doing just that.

Solar Arc

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The Solar Arc progression is an interpretation of your chart that expands your understanding and awareness of your potential in the context of your unique soul journey. This level of interpretation helps you to see the larger picture of your life path, the patterns of your natural cycles and where you are on your journey. Expand into a greater awareness of yourself and your path. Add this on to your initial reading ($50) or combine in your transit reading.


Estere and LEE birthday cake

 – Parent & Child:  learn about your child’s learning style and love language to support your child’s full potential

 – Your Parent & You:  unravel the mysterious contract between you and your parents

 – Business Partner:  glean critical information about this important relationship

Attracting Your Love Partner


Your birth chart shows clearly what type of person is the best LOVE partner for you. Understanding what you tend to go for and what really does it for you is MUST KNOW info about yourself to make the best decisions about relationships. Book this 30-minute reading for $80.

Why Follow the Movement of the Planets?

The planets are moving through the constellations of the galaxy all the time. Everything in our galaxy is moving all the time, like a giant mobile. As the planets move through the constellations we call these transits. Transiting planets create energy fields that are like weather patterns. Just like you want to know the weather in your neck of the woods you also want to know what planetary energies are working on you so you can benefit most from their influence and not be caught off-guard. When a planetary transit impacts your personal chart a relationship is created that is called an aspect. An aspect can last a few days or many months. Being in the KNOW helps you be more joyfully in the NOW!

Book a Reading with Estere Today

Initial Reading

An initial reading covers the basics of the natal (birth) chart and
what’s coming up in the 6 months forward from the date of the reading. Subsequent readings are predominantly to cover the transits, with references to the natal chart. The astro weather is changing every day.
Periodic check-ins available and highly recommended.


Check-in Readings

Once we have done your initial reading and I am familiar with your chart you can schedule check-ins. Check-ins are scheduled in 30 minute intervals and can last 30 or 60 minutes.

30 Minute Check-in:  $95 |  Full Hour Check-in:  $185

Transits & Progressions

A comprehensive, detailed interpretation of the planetary influences in real time, secondary progressions and Solar Arc direction of planets, nodes, and points in your birth chart. Excellent for timing and to deepen awareness of your own unfolding. The Transits & Progressions consultation is an advanced reading for existing clients. if you are a newbie to my work, please schedule your Initial Session first. Thank you!


Kids & Young Adults Reading

Let’s be totally realistic – your kid is the singularly most impactful relationship you will have in this lifetime. Understanding your kid’s learning style, communications style, karmic soul journey, preferences, and soul potential helps you to support your kid in being fully and joyfully themselves! For parents of kids under 18.

$82.50 (30 minute session)

Relationship Reading

Relationship readings are invaluable for understanding personal Love relationships, friendships, and business partnerships. This a very comprehensive reading that looks at the composite chart, the synastry between the two charts, and the karmic impact of the destined meeting/cosmic rendez-vous! If you know the date and approximate time of your first meeting please include that. I will also need the date, time, and place of each person in the relationship.


Monthly Readings

If you would like a monthly reading, subscribe for automatic billing. 15-minute and 30-minute readings are sent to you as audio mp3 files,

30 Minute Monthly Check-in:  $75/month  
15-Minute Monthly Check-in:  $45/month 

New Baby Reading

What a fabulous gift to give to a family of a new being just arrived to Planet Earth! A new baby reading emphasizes the gifts and talents of the new being, addressing some of the potential challenges, and best ways to support this fresh new precious soul.
Of special interest is when we look at the baby's learning and communication style so the parents can best support the new arrival by creating environments that are most supportive of that being’s unique developmental path. As social worker my focus was on the family and group dynamics,
so I can give you a framework to explain how this new one works within the family system. It’s REALLY fascinating stuff!! A gift for a lifetime.

$80 (30 minutes)

Parent - Child Reading

What’s more important than your relationship with your kid? Doing a relationship reading about this fascinating relationship sheds light on the dynamics working on all levels. GREAT for parents of a teenager (what IS going on in that kid’s head anyway?!) Helpful, informative, and supportive, this composite reading is a MUST for any parent! And what about looking at your own chart with YOUR parents? Now THAT will be a head full of necessary info you wish you had had years ago!! Great for clarifying gnawing unresolved issues that just don’t seem to ever go away. What a great gift for yourself or someone you love!

$110 (45 minutes)

A gift of an Astrology Reading
A Gift for a Lifetime

What could be better than gifting a loved one with a deeper insight into themselves?

Birth Chart Analysis – Transits – Trends


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If you have any questions or if you'd like to reach out for any reason, don't hesitate.

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