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9-minute Chakra Clearing Blow-Out w/ Estere

Daily blow-out of your chakras will do all kinds of wonders in your life. You might even be able to hear what your heart is saying and then who knows how happy you really could be and what magic you can bring forth into the world!

Recommended use: once or twice daily


Green Pearl
Meditation w/ John

Powerfully relaxing and healing meditation with wellness consultant,
John Wing Flower.
Journey to the deep, inner realms of your mind to the Green healing Pearl, where all healing exists.

Recommended use: DAILY


From Zuul to Zen
Meditation w/ Estere

Estere leads you on a 60 second meditation that brings you from Zuul, a heightened statement of anxiety, to Zen, a return to a moment of peaceful stillness.

Download it to your phone and play it whenever you want to return to calm.


GRounding & Clearing Meditation w/ John

Ground yourself in peace, love, and calmness. Clear the negative energy from your space. And open your heart to the amazing energy that meditation can bring. 

Follow this meditation guide to ground and clear your mind when you need it most.


Contact Estere

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Estere for any reason, don’t hesitate!

Check out the Flower Channel

Celebrate Venus and the beauty of flowers with me as I show you how to arrange flowers for your home. Spark love, joy, and connection to the Nature spirits with blossoms and greenery.

Visit me at the Flower Channel YouTube page.

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