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Thanks for visiting my website. Our time is so precious and I appreciate you spending some of yours with me!

As a student and practitioner of astrology for over 35 years and a trained psychotherapist, my delight with astrology is to familiarize you with your natal chart so you can see the gifts, challenges, and tools you come in with…fully equipped! My upbeat, positive attitude helps me to support, uplift, and encourage you on your own journey through the life that is uniquely yours.

Chances are you will appreciate yourself way more after a session with me than before. I excel at helping you to see the best in you. My mission: to help you fall in love with yourself. You are a divine spark, a miracle in human form.

With my eclectic background, from horticulture to social work to business owner, I’ve been around the block and back again. Astrology has been the one consistent thread weaving through all my adventures. Whatever you got going I know how to frame it into the positive, with compassion and abounding goodwill.

Join Estere and Arthur for flower fun on The Flower Channel

I work a lot with crystals and will often recommend specific crystals and other healing modalities as part of your session.

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 Check out my selection of ebooks and audiobooks including the well-received Priestess Entrepreneur: Success is an Inside Job , Feed Your Venus: Looking for LOVE in all the right places, A Call to Lightworkers: Ignite your Intuitive Instinct and the incredible channeled offerings of John Wing Flower that I compiled and co-wrote. Illuminations on the New Energies will blow your mind with powerful downloads and simply divine images. To follow the movement of the planets and learn about their influence on your life visit my blog and catch up on the latest Celestial Gossip and sign up for my newsletter so you can follow the lunations, planetary movements, and directives as to how to work with the unfolding energy. Newsletter sign-up is linked below.

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As we all have many passions I also am wildly mad for flowers. To get some ideas of how to arrange flowers check out my youtube channel, The Flower Channel.
Bonus:  Arthur, my cat stars in many of the videos and he is something else.

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