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Use what you were BORN WITH to live your unique, cosmically encoded, divinely inspired LIFE.

“My sessions with Estere have been healing and transformational. I have experienced powerful shifts in some very old, old patterns which has beeN incredibly liberating. The combination of astrological- influenced coaching and Estere’s decades of wisdom and experience provide a sure fire way to spark growth and expansion. Do yourself a favor and commit to a package with this incredible woman.”
Katie Brauer
High Performance Coach + Transformation Expert

What is Astro-Life Coaching?

Astro-life coaching combines Estere’s skills as counselor/therapist/coach with her astrological expertise creating a personalized life coaching system that is tailor-made exactly to your unique needs, your unique path. Your astrological birth chart reveals your gifts, your challenges, your skills, your innate patterns, your karmic path, your destiny, and your highest potential.

As your cosmic fingerprint your astrology chart contains:

your right livelihood
your right relationships
your right self-care regime
your right spiritual path ~  uniquely and only yours.

You are the ONLY person in the whole world with your exact chart.
You are uniquely YOU!
Shouldn’t your coaching be tailored just for you?

Contact me to set up your  FREE 10-minute phone consultation to find out more about this unique coaching system.
The time is now to fall in love with yourself.
Let’s talk!

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