Reclaim Your Intuition

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In John Wing Flower’s 6-part Audio class, Reclaim Your Intuition, you will learn EASY, SIMPLE to USE tools to help you stay cool, calm, collected and PEACEFUL no matter how wild the ride becomes. YOU have total control of how you experience LIFE but you have to know how to use the control panel – your mind!

The easiest and most effective way to  learn to use your own personal, internal control panel is to to reclaim and use your INTUITION.

John Wing Flower, wellness consultant, in his RECLAIM YOUR INTUITION 6-part downloadable Audio class offers a comprehensive guide to working with your INTUITION.

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In this 6-part class you will learn to:

  • Develop healthy psychic boundaries
  • Remove blocks that can prevent access to your intuition
  • Ground yourself and others
  • Clear your chakras
  • Remove psychic debris
  • Create your own internal psychic room
  • Use psychic energy to manifest
  • Trust yourself and your intuitive abilities
  • Identify your own intuitive voice

The class is packed with practical how-to’s and includes
John’s set of 4 guided meditations:

  1. Grounding meditation:  Open your heart
  2. Spiritual caulking:  Fill the spaces left by the chakra clearing with healing light
  3. Transmute energy into unconditional LOVE
  4. Create your own Psychic Room
“Taking John’s Intuition Class was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. It has served me greatly in encountering Life’s trials, providing me with the ability to ground and hold my voice while remaining calmly focused on what the Universe has dished up for the day. I encourage everyone to take this class in these challenging times.”
Heather Wittman
“In John’s class I learned to work with the clash between my conscious mind and the intuitive side. So helpful! and I LOVED the meditations, which I can listen to whenever I want.”
Astrid Aveledo
“The class helped me reconnect with my healing gifts!”
Julie Ratinoff

What you get when you purchase John Wing Flower’s Reclaim Your Intuition 6-part Audio class

  • 6 downloadable recordings of the 6 individual classes
  • 4 downloadable guided meditation
  • Companion book –  Reclaim Your Intuition
Beauty, beloved smooth fox terrier, was a devoted assistant in our work.
Beauty, beloved smooth fox terrier,
was a devoted assistant in our work.

Class Descriptions

Class #1

Grounding & centering
Identifying your personal psychic style
Managing the EGO patrol

Class #2

Spiritual caulking
Psychic boundaries
Cords and energetic attachments
Guided meditation

Class #3

Creating & hearing your intuitive voice
Healing tune-ups
Your psychic room

Class #4

Identifying & working w/ your intuition
Creating your personal viewing screen
Guided meditation

Class #5

Introduction to the chakra system
Guided meditation

Class #6

Intuitive manifestation
A HEALING meditation led by John Corsa

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Feel Your Anxiety Melt Away.

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