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on the new energies of LOVE

The Love Books have been remastered and reformatted! 

 – treasured wisdom to help navigate these wild times
 – exquisite guidance
 – heartthrob images 

Now Available as an Ebook – $9.99

The Original LOVE Books Series

The original LOVE Books series. Channeled by John Wing Flower, narrated by Estere. Includes audiobooks of:

– Awakening Self-Love

– The Traveler’s Guide to Love

 – A Time for Love

Purchase the Audio-Book Set – $14.99

Priestess entrepreneur:
Success is an inside job

As a business owner you need sane, sacred solutions to help your soul survive as your business thrives.
Priestess Entrepreneur is a business guide jam-packed with advice, assurance, and real-life examples of real women doing real business in a busy, demanding world. With wit, compassion, and insight into her own foibles, Estere (known as Cindy when she penned this book!) teaches you how to connect to your inspiration, your passion, and the limitless spirit that is YOU ~

Purchase as E-book – $9.99

A Call to light Workers:
Ignite your intuitive instinct

Practical, hands-on tools to help you navigate the wild ride of your life with ease and grace.
Easy-to-learn MUST-KNOW practices to keep your navigation smooth and joyful through these most amazing times of personal and global transformation. As you learn to develop your relationship with your own intuitive instinct – your birthright! – you will move more confidently through your life, maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries with others while reveling in your own unique journey.
MUST-HAVE tools for all Light Workers, healers, and intuitives.

Purchase as Audio Download – $9.99

Purchase as E-book – $9.99

Priestess Petals of wisdom

Timeless affirmations and words of Priestess wisdom to guide and support you to full expression of your divinely inspired feminine empowerment. Open to any page and you’ll find exactly what you need at that very moment to lift you up to your magnificent Priestess self.

Purchase as E-book – $9.99

Feed Your Venus:
looking for LOVE in all the Right Places

Astrological Insights, Crystal Prescriptions, and Rituals to attract LOVE into your life.

Super fun and practical guide to working with the Venus in your own chart and where Venus is transiting these days.
Yummy images of crystals, flowers, and beloved animal familiars. Who doesn’t love that?

Feeding your Venus is a beautiful, natural way to activate your own LOVE MATRIX, attracting more LOVE into your life in all the ways you want.

Purchase as E-book – $9.99

Chiron and the Crystalline Connection

Crystal remedies for the Wounded Healer in your chart
Identify CHIRON in your chart.
Find out which crystals are best to help you heal your karmic wound.

Purchase as E-book – $4.99

*Note:  All of our e-books are downloadable as PDF documents to ensure they will work on various platforms. If you’d like to view them as an e-book, be sure to choose to open them with your e-reader application on your phone. 

Health, Happiness, and Starry Blessings.

In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

“Life is the school.
Love is the lesson.”

Learning about the true nature of LOVE is what we are all here to learn.
Your life ‘curriculum’ is uniquely designed for you.
Your chart reveals your curriculum!

Let’s get to it and get on with expanding into a deeper and deeper understanding of LOVE.

“Charmingly articulated reflections and affirmations. Surprising and reassuring.”

Gail Storey

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