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Working with Estere has been awesome and a blessing! I am so thankful to have Estere in my corner. Especially now, living in these uncertain times, Estere keeps me focused and moving towards my goals, instead of getting stuck in the fear trap. Estere is innovative, creative, and full of ideas to build business. I have been working with Estere for a month and I have already experienced an increase in my massage business!
Theresa Nehemias
Certified Massage Therapist

I am thrilled to have found you, Estere! Thank you for this great tool for getting to know myself better. You are delightful to spend time with and the way you communicate what you have to share is so very easy to grasp. Indeed, you are a gifted teacher!

- K. Thomas

After my session with Estere I felt very empowered to bring about positive change to my life.

- HH

I so appreciate Estere’s efforts and words. She has made me feel special, putting into words so many feelings and thoughts I have always had. Estere has a special gift and it is always so uplifting and fun to be in contact with people that are doing what they are meant to do….what a fabulous force.

- M. Jamieson

Estere is not only a delight to know, she’s a terrifically insightful and astute astrologer. I visit Estere every year not to predict the year ahead but to understand all the influences around that can impact us all…all of which with understanding, we can cope very well. I like Estere’s background as a clinical social worker with great understanding of people, as a business woman who has a pragmatic perspective, and just a really nice person who makes you feel very comfortable with her insights.

- G. Corsi

Yesterday’s check-in was just what I needed…I feel refreshed and ready to move forward! Hoorah!

- Erin Blakemore

Both Tim and I want to thank you for your weekly celestial gossip. It truly helps navigate points when you wonder, what the heck is going on! So we just felt like letting you know that these are really appreciated.

- Ashley

‘Estere’s work has been very helpful as I move through my divorce and help lead my children and myself forward. Estere’s expertise has been immeasurable.


Estere has been an invaluable aid to me both personally and professionally. As a successful business woman, a clear communicator, and a natural intuitive she is able to see exactly what I am either unable, or unwilling, to address as a manager and leader and walk me through it. Her contribution to my life and business has been immeasurable.
M. Moyer
Owner, Design Studio

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