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"I am so thankful to have Estere in my corner. Especially now, living in these uncertain times, Estere keeps me focused and moving towards my goals, instead of getting stuck in the fear trap. Estere is innovative, creative, and full of ideas to build business. I have been working with Estere for a month and I have already experienced an increase in my massage business!
Theresa Nehemias
Massage Therapist
"Estere has been an invaluable aid to me both personally and professionally. As a successful business woman, a clear communicator, and a natural intuitive she is able to see exactly what I am either unable, or unwilling, to address as a manager and leader and walk me through it. Her contribution to my life and business has been immeasurable."
M. Moyer
Owner, Design Studio

Guidance for your journey...on demand

While I started with astrology readings, over the years I’ve written books of poetry, recorded guided meditations, and developed courses that have helped people along their own individual journeys.

Reclaim Your intuition Course

This 6-part audio class will help you to learn easy, simple-to-use tools to help you stay cool, calm, collected, and most importantly…PEACEFUL.

YOU have total control of how you experience LIFE but you have to know how to use the control panel – your mind!


From The Love Books to the Priestess Entrepreneur, our collection of Books has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to find inner peace or inspiration for your limitless spirit, these books will help along your journey. 

Books are available as audiobook and e-book. 

Guided Meditations

Daily meditations to help clear, relax, and focus. 

Questions for Estere?

If you have any questions or if you'd like to reach out for any reason, don't hesitate.