Mercury Mischievous Messenger

The Greeks called him Hermes. The Norse called him Loki. The Native cultures call him Coyote. The Eskimo call him Raven. We call him Mercury, of winged feet and winged helmet, Mercury, messenger, fleet of foot and mind.

Mercury could appease the gods and make them laugh as he carried messages back and forth between them on Olympus. Mercury transported souls to and from the underworld. He lied, stole, gossiped, and spun tales, entranced as he was by mischief-making and pot-stirring. What IS the message when Mercury delivers it? You get to decide that!

Mercury Retrograde:  Should I worry? Fear not! Learn about Mercury retrograde and use it to your advantage. Read more on RETROGRADES.

Mercury has the shortest orbit around the Sun. It passes Earth twice in that orbit, once as it zooms by on the same side of the solar system and a few weeks later when it loops around and zooms past us again on the opposite side.
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Mercury goes retrograde (appears to be going backward from our viewpoint on Planet Earth) 3 or 4 times a year for three weeks at a time. Mercury retrograde is known to bring a time where things just seem to go wrong. Mercury, the fleet-footed mischief-maker of the zodiac likes to make sure that you are not TOO attached to any plans and that maybe, just maybe, things are working out in ways other than what you had expected, for reasons you might never understand! Prepare for any number of communication glitches from missed appointments to emails sent you didn’t mean to send (oops!) to phone calls cutting off right at the crucial time (oops again!). Avoid signing any contracts during Mercury retrograde periods, but if you have to, scrutinize the fine points. Try not to purchase any electronic or appliance type devices (especially a car!) during those times, and if you do, save the receipt. You might very well be returning it.

Mercury retrograde periods are disconnection times, realigning for better connections. They are slow down, reassessment, re-vamping periods. Redirect movement and communication inward for the purpose of emotional healing. Time to regroup, consolidate, redirect, and clean up old unfinished business. Think of Mercury retrograde periods as times of Cosmic revisiting, retrieving, and revealing of what has eluded your consciousness in the preceding 88 days. Take care of duties, tasks you’ve been putting off.

Learn what you NEED to know. Make a list of “what I absolutely NEED to know!”, concepts you need to grasp, info that has eluded you. Knowledge is power.  Ignorance is most certainly NOT bliss. Mercury retrograde periods bring your attention and focus to what you may have missed, giving you that second chance you yearn for. Don’t START things during Mercury R, complete them. Remain fluid, go with the flow. Attend to the routine maintenance of your “vehicle”, your mind.

Mercury in the Birth Chart

Brilliant, resourceful, inspiring or arrogant, assuming, foolish. Mercury’s placement by sign and house in the birth chart tells the style of communicator, listener, and learner you are. The placement shows how your mind likes to receive and give information.

How do you learn? Best by audio, visual, reading, experiential?

How do you organize intellectual material? Are you methodical, detail-oriented, big picture, out-of-the-box, chaotic? Mercury will tell you!

If Mercury makes an aspect to another planet that planet influences the energy of Mercury.

Mercury conjunct the Sun: strong communicator, connected to life force energy

Mercury in aspect to Uranus: outrageous, brilliant, group-oriented

Mercury in aspect to Jupiter: recognition, powerful influence, Bigger is better!

Mercury-Pluto types drawn to the secretive, conspiratorial, dangerous

Mercury rules Communications, buying and selling, merchants, bills of sale, correspondence, nervous system messages, hands (strong Mercury denotes manual dexterity).

 Mercury is the co-ruler of Gemini and Virgo, messenger and manager of the mind
Gemini is curious, flexible, adaptable, looking for the most advantageous angle. Gemini collects info, LOTS of info. Virgo is analytical. Virgo discerns what to do with collected info, organizing it, and choosing how to use it. Our thoughts are slippery. They can be genius or damning, organized or chaotic.

DISCLAIMER: Here are some ragingly generalized thoughts on Mercury’s placement in the signs. To accurately understand Mercury, or any other planet in a chart, you have to take it in context of the entire chart!

Mercury in Aries
Bold, courageous, impulsive, child-like, eager, sharp-tongued when provoked

Mercury in Taurus
Gracious, pleasing, paced to a slow, steady beat, firm, stubborn, fixed

Mercury in Gemini
Quick, versatile, clever, sharp, chatty, conversational, gossipy

Mercury in Cancer
Emotionally sensitive, sentimental, mothering, nurturing but directive, cautious, retreats when hurt

Mercury in Leo
Bossy, grand, showy, dramatic, big-hearted, self-referring

Mercury in Virgo
Succinct, analytical, clear-thinking, organized, efficient, to-the-point

Mercury in Libra
Kind, engaging, codependent, accommodating, people-pleasing, excellent debaters and defenders of justice

Mercury in Scorpio
Magnetic, seductive, distrustful, withholding, secretive, manipulative

Mercury in Sagittarius
Boisterous, loud, jovial,  foot often in mouth, funny, over-the-top, outspoken, pontificating

Mercury in Capricorn
Authoritative, leader, directive, self-assured, serious, old-fashioned

Mercury in Aquarius
Quirky, off beat, friendly, inclusive, sometimes too brainy to be understood

Mercury in Pisces
Compassionate, caring, long-suffering, wanders off into fantasy or worry, dreamy, romantic

Have fun with Mercury.
Mercury is most definitely having fun with you!

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