The Pisces Pet

Born Between February 21st and March 20th

The most sensitive pet of the Zodiac, the Pisces pet will weep copiously with you when you are sad, drape himself on your hcest as you suffer the cruelties of life, and listen endlessly to your stories of woe and despair, delighting in being of service to your emotional needs. The Pisces pet will share his food with the hungry, his bed with the cold and lonely, his compassion with all in need. 

Remember to give you Pisces pet lots of extra love and attention because he will experience any slight as something he has done worng. Keep a peaceful home and loud noises to an absolute minimum. 

Naturally self-effacing and somewhat emotionally insecure, the Pisces pet needs lots of encouragement and good strokes for being the caring, compassionate listener and devoted, if not a tad needy, friend that he is for all eternity, and beyond. The Pisces pet is the perfect service pet adn love to visit those in pain and in need. When this pet feels needed and appreciated no pet shines brighter.