Stationing Planets

Before a planet goes retrograde or when it is poised to move direct after a retrograde period, it will STATION, meaning that it will hover for up to a few days at a specific degree of a sign. When a planet stations its energy is intensely focused in the vibrational energy of that degree of the constellation it is traversing. If you are born on a day when a planet is stationing, that planetary energy is a signature energy for you, dominating your soul path with its vibration.

Born under a PLUTO station
You can bet this person has the highest-octane transformational juju. Just being around this person makes you think about how you need to change, to dig around in the depths of your emotional issues, to transform from something into something else, perhaps in a micro way or perhaps in a macro way. These types of persons emanate a mystical power and can feel scary to the types who fear change. A Pluto station person can make everyone in the room feel like they have no clothes on. They are intensely passionate, driven to experience the consequences of their strong will. They exhibit extreme swings of creativity and spiritual passion and can easily fall into rage and despair.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell
Sam Shepard
Thor Hayerdahl
Kiefer Sutherland
Alex Grey

Born under a NEPTUNE station
Sensitive, compassionate, strongly spiritual and humanitarian, the person born under a Neptune station feels the suffering of the world and seeks to either escape it or remedy it. They adore and support the expression of the arts, love the highest aesthetics of beauty as expressed through all art forms, and then when the pain of the world becomes too much they can easily slip into escapism of all sorts (drugs and alcohol are popular but any addiction will do) and dwell in a dream state of self-delusion. Their imaginations are vivid and alive with world of fantasy and dreams.

Nikola Tesla
J.K. Rowling
Bagwhan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)
Jim Jones
Rod Stewart
M. Night Shyamalan


Born under a Uranus station

You will absolutely recognize a person born under a Uranus station. There is something so unique, different, and off-the-charts about them it’s sometimes hard to register their effect on you because you might never have encountered such a character before. These are free-thinkers, out-of-the-box thinkers, there-is-no-box-at-all thinkers, strivers for freedom of speech, seekers of personal freedom for all. They can be free agents, working their own story entirely or they may work for radical social reform. They are always ahead of their time and are often not understood or accepted by the status quo. They are movers and shakers of the highest vibration, envisioning a world you may only catch a glimpse of – until they magically make their advanced visions real for you. Sometimes they are just freakish and depict the lone wolf identity of the Uranus station person.

Abraham Lincoln
Charles Darwin
Lady GaGa
Alfred Hitchcock
Dick Cheney

Born under a Saturn station

These people are tenacious, committed, and disciplined. They can feel pretty heavy, like they are carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders, grim and tending towards sadness. They often bloom later in their careers and, when sticking through with things, can bring tremendous gifts. Seen as authorities and tremendously successful through their hard work and efforts, they can also experience a dramatic fall from grace and respect.

Dick Cavett
Bill Moyers
Liam Neeson
Bill Cosby
Lance Armstrong

Born under a Jupiter station

These people have definite ideological paths that in the best sense encourage expansive thinking and broadening perspectives and in the worst sense can present a range of meglomaniacal expressions. They can get caught in a particular bent and be a force for promoting their political, religious, or social agenda. They are larger-than-life and seem to have their own weather system rotating around them all the time. Their sphere of influence can be massive.

The Dalai Lama
Donald Trump
Louis Farrakhan
Tom Cruise
Paul Simon
Marlon Brando


Born under a Mars station

These are assertive types who delight in a fight and power struggles with worthy adversaries. They are warrior types whose courage can be momentous. They are magnetic, drawing people to them with their fire and passion. They are often fueled by anger and love nothing more than battling it out, whatever their arena.

Otis Redding
James Joyce
Bernie Sanders
Rupert Murdoch
Carl Jung


Born under a Venus station
Lovers of art, beauty, and love itself these are pleasure-seekers and bon vivants. They are creators and supporters of all art forms. They love all sensual pleasures and are strongly connected to Nature. Flowers, gardens, the Sistine chapel, live music, delicious food- these are all domains of the Venusian type. And they are often quite attractive themselves.

Warren Beatty
Robert deNiro
Amy Winehouse


Born under a Mercury station

Natural talkers these types live to communicate all their thoughts and ideas, ever birthing new ones. They have ideas and want you to hear them, be moved by them, have an opinion about them. Their minds are versatile and highly activated.

Dylan Thomas
Hilary Clinton
James Hillman
George Lucas

Special thanks to Ray Grasse for his informative book, Under a Sacred Sky.

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