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Full Moon in Aries 10.20.21 follows Mercury and Jupiter stationing Direct

Retrograde Planets Busting a Move!

New Libra Moon, Mercury retrograde and Planets stationing Direct

Full Pisces Moon 9.20.21 heralding Autumnal EQUINOX 9.22.21

Virgo NEW MOON 9.6.21 whispers of autumn

Full Aquarius Moon 8.22.21 Liberating yourself from your EGO

Leo New Moon: twisties, shoulds, and finding your rhythm

Full Aquarius Moon 7.23.21 – enter laughing as you search out wondrous things right around you!

Cancer New Moon 7.9.21

Full Moon in Capricorn 6.24.21 What’s the rush?

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Estere’s work has been very helpful as I move through my divorce and help lead my children and myself forward. Estere’s expertise has been immeasurable.

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