New Moon in Sagittarius 11.23.22 – Venus and Mercury join the party!

Where are the Planets the week of November 7, 2022?

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming right up 11.8.2022

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces

Between the Eclipses: A magical doorway

New Moon Solar Eclipse 10.25.22 Ready or not – here comes the re-boot!

Autumn Eclipses!

Full Moon in Aries 10.9.22 Jupiter and Moon light up the night sky

The Autumnal Equinox followed by the New Moon in Libra September 2022

Full Moon in Pisces 9.10.22 Surrender to dreamtime in this retrograde madness

As if you hadn’t noticed…Mercury turns retrograde 9.10.22

Virgo New Moon – The High Priestess radiates in her domain

Full Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius – a Saturnian state of affairs

New Moon in Leo and oodles of retrogrades

Full Capricorn Moon 7.13.22 Distractions Distractions

New Moon Cancer 6.28.22 Revealing what was hidden even from yourself

Sagittarius Full Supermoon 6.14.22

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5.15.22 as Mercury retrograde creates mischief

Mercury retrograde as Jupiter enters Aries 10-11 May 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse 4.30.22 Venus rules!

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